Alumni Fundraising Campaigns

Our experience with college alumni fundraising campaigns helps attract new donors and retain current donors. We specialize in quality graphic design and we have a clear understanding of donor response mechanisms.

  • Our expertise can be applied to a variety of print media, including capabilities brochures, direct mail packages, postcards and event invitations.

  • Print materials can be supplemented by web media such as banners, QR codes and automated feedback.

  • Direct Axis will work with you to personalize your alumni fundraising campaigns from start to finish. We offer additional services beyond graphic design, such as writing, photography, and print and mailing management.

  • Your university can count on us to create an inventive and original design for your campaign, from its early planning stages through and including printing and distribution.

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See a short video of this mailer.

See a short video of this mailer.

Alumni Donation Self Mailers

All-in-One Package
Not all donor campaigns need multiple pieces – try a self mailer! The alumni donor mailer shown has an inspirational story and photos along with a built-in reply envelope. The cost of such a campaign is lower than a multi-piece mailer.

Columbus Technical College Foundation’s Alumni Campaign

The foundation wanted to create it’s first Alumni Association. To acquire members, we created this letter package for efficiency, cost-savings and high resposnse rates. We highlighted scholarships and scholarship recipients. The mailing went to all alumni who had attended over the past 10 years.

Day of Giving Mail Campaign

This special Day of Giving campaign was created for Davis & Elkins College. It included a full color brochure (which doubled as a reply device), outer envelope, and reply envelope.

University of Nevada Las Vegas: Alumni Fundraising Campaigns

Direct Axis personalized this direct mail alumni fundraising campaign which featured the University of Nevada Las Vegas Libraries, home to an unparalleled collection of historical casino and showbiz memorabilia and artifacts.

Basing our design theme on the “Boomtown” era in Nevada, we created unique brochures to inspire donors and develop alma mater pride in UNLV.

West Virginia University Event Program

Building Greatness Campaign
Metallic silver and black were used to set the tone of an aggressive campaign for the West Virginia University ’Building Greatness’ Dinner. Unique graphics immediately told the donors and attendees at this event that they were part of a very special occasion.