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Direct Axis designs websites that are responsive and mobile sized. When we design your site, we format it for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Below are samples of web sites we’ve designed and programed.

  • WordPress – the world’s most popular content management system
  • Any function you can think of: blogs, calendars of events, donations, ecommerce, reservations, video shows, photo galleries, feedback forms, online quoting, and more. If you can think of it, we can create it.
  • Password protected areas for content that you want to keep private

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Web Design & Development for the National Veterans Parade in Washington, DC 

We’re the very proud designers of the National Veterans Parade website. The parade is the inagural national parade in Washington, DC.  Hard to believe, until this year (2023), there wasn’t a national veterans parade. 

Uncover the artistry and technical finesse that went into building the National Veterans Parade website. From captivating visuals that pay homage to our veterans to flawless programming that ensures smooth user interactions, every detail has been meticulously crafted to deliver a heartfelt online experience.

The site includes applications for marching bands, floats, historic jeeps (with veteran riders) and volunteers. Interested individuals and corporations can donate and sponsor the parade through various web feedback forms.

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Web Design for Nasdaq-Traded Biotech Company Developing Treatments for Solid Tumors Using State-of-the-Art Cell Therapy 

We designed Alaunos’ website to communicate their cutting-edge technologies. Take a virtual tour of Alaunos’ transformative work in cell therapy. Our design team has woven together aesthetics that mirror the company’s commitment to science, and our programmers have ensured a smooth, informative, and interactive experience. Join us online to witness the future of healthcare.

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Hospice web design - home page
Web design sample for a nonprofit hospice

Compassion in Digital Form: A Nonprofit Hospice Website

Step into the virtual embrace of care and comfort as you explore our thoughtfully designed website. Our team of designers and programmers has created an online haven that mirrors the warmth and empathy of our client’s hospice services. Join us on this digital journey to discover the heart behind our work.

Built for a nonprofit, the site shown provides caring advice and links to resources for end-of-life decision making. Animated text and images on the home page direct visitors to the most frequently requested pages of the website.

Individuals who need help with care can request volunteers on the site. And, those who want to be volunteers can also apply online. A career application and basic contact form are also included in the web design.

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Healthcare website design
Health Care Clinic web site design

Designing Health, Programming Wellness: A Website for a National Healthcare Provider

Immerse yourself in the world of wellness as you navigate our client’s website. Our design team has meticulously crafted a soothing and engaging visual experience, while our programmers have engineered every feature for intuitive use. We created this site with the prospect of great growth. The design is scalable, allowing us to add dozens of pages and new information. Mobile-ready of course, the site can be viewed on all device types.

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Municipal Authority ADA Compliant web page design
Municipal Authority ADA Compliant web page development

Elevating Access to Water Information: Our ADA-Compliant Water Authority Website Design

Step into the digital aqueduct that brings water information to your fingertips. Discover the thoughtfully designed pages that convey our client’s message to home and business owners. Our programming ensures an intuitive user experience. Check out the website to discover how we’ve made water management accessible and efficient.

Many functionalities are included in this municipal water authority website including applications for 4 types of water delivery, 4 types of sewage service, bill paying, legal notices and more.

The website design also includes archives of financial audits, notices and bids for services.

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Home Page Web Development and Design for a Doggie Daycare Facility
Web design for doggie daycare facility

Where Tails Wag and Pixels Pop: A Doggie Daycare Website Sample

Step into a world of canine delight as you explore our thoughtfully designed and expertly programmed doggie daycare website. We’ve blended playful aesthetics with cutting-edge programming to create a digital playground that’s as fun as our client’s daycare center. 

In addition to all of the colorful graphics and cute dog images, Pups Playhouse’s website design includes the ability for users to make online reservations, complete onboarding forms and apply for careers.

Subscribe and be able to watch your pup during his/her daily activity with video cams located through the facility.

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Government Lobbying Firm Web Site Design
Legislative Lobbying & Monitoring Web Site

Influence with Impact: The Design and Code Behind Our Government Relations and Lobbying Website

Immerse yourself in the intersection of policy and technology as you navigate our client’s website. Our design team has crafted an informative and engaging visual experience, while our programmers have ensured that every feature is user-friendly.

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Luxury hotel web design home page sample
Luxury inn amenities page web design

Where Elegance Meets Code: Crafting a Luxury Bed & Breakfast Website

This site was designed to capture all of the gorgeous and exquisitely designed beauty of the Inn, a home with 8 guest rooms. Our development process included a full review of the site’s goals, organization of all of the Inn’s offerings into a site-navigation plan, design layouts, content editing and programming.

The Inn on Negley has a four diamond rating with Triple AAA and is #1 on TripAdvisor. 

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Home page web design for a service dogs organization
Interior web page design for a nonprofit

Inclusivity by Design: Our ADA-Compliant Service Dog Website

Saint Francis Service Dogs
Enter a digital realm where service dogs take center stage, and accessibility is our commitment. Our design for the Saint Francis Service Dogs website mirrors the spirit of service, while our programming ensures an inclusive and informative user experience. Join us online to celebrate the incredible partnership between service dogs and their owners.

We created the site with easy keyboard navigation, tab-key movement through pages, multiple contrast modes, font size adjustments and layout controls – all of which are handy to site visitors.

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Gorgeous web design for quality jeweler
Jewelry website design

A Digital Gem: An Exclusive Jewelry Store Website

Enter a world of sophistication and beauty as you delve into our client’s website. Witness the seamless synergy of design and technology, where our design elements capture the allure of quality jewelry, and our programming ensures an intuitive and immersive user experience. The site offers “Smart Shop” for customers who are unable to visit the retail location in person. Contact a jewelry concierge to send you hand-selected pieces to fit your stye and budget.

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Colorful website design for a landscape & garden retailer
lovely web design for a garden retailer

A Digital Garden Oasis: Mobile Web Design for Quality Gardens

Explore the online haven where gardening enthusiasts unite. Discover the thoughtfully designed pages that convey our client’s love for greenery, and experience the user-friendly functionality that our programmers have created. Quality Garden’s responsive web design includes many slideshows of plants and garden products. Colorful, fun and informative, the mobile site lets gardeners dream about their next project. Dive into a world of botanic beauty.

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