Medical Brochure Design

Medical Brochure Design, plus Postcards, Pocket Folders and Catalogs
Present an image of reliability and quality to your current or prospective patients or buyers with beautifully-designed medical brochures, postcards, pocket folders or catalogs.

  • If you are a supplier of medical technology, medical imaging, health care services or have business-to-business clients in the medical field, choose Direct Axis to make your communications noticeable.
  • We specialize in medical brochure design and production of print and web media for the healthcare industry.
  • Take a look at medical brochure design samples we’ve created for our clients.
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medical instruments product catalog

Healing with Style: The Artistry Behind a Well-Designed Medical Instrument Catalog

Shown is a 20-page catalog we designed for a Korean medical instrument manufacturer.

Hospital, Healthcare, Nursing Brochure with Donor Form

Shining Stars: A Hospital Brochure Design Created to Celebrate Employee Excellence

The brochure shown is used to acquire feedback from patients as well as to acquire new donors to the hospital foundation.

Healthcare clinic brochure design for geriatrics and internal medicine

Empowering Health Choices: Designs for Informative Managed Care Clinic Brochures

We created a series of brochures for SynerMed. Each participating doctor was provided with an individualized brochure for their practice.

Pediatric brochure design

Colorful and Creative: The Art of Fun Pediatric Brochure Design

Used as Mailers and Hand-Outs
Inform patients and caregivers about your medical facility and capabilities. The brochure shown was designed for a pediatric physician. Individual brochures were created for each physician in the healtcare concern.

Medical imaging equipment business tall brochure design

Innovation in Focus: Designing a Medical Imaging Brochure

Imaging Equipment Brochure
Businesses in health care hire us to create capabilities brochures with graphic design that impresses and attracts new clients. This medical brochure was used to describe imaging equipment offerings for hospitals. The brochure is hand-delivered by sales representatives, sent via direct mail and given out at trade shows.

Medical imaging brochure design sample

Comprehensive Care, One Brochure: Highlighting the Strength of Aligned Health Businesses

A consortium of 6 health care companies, TTG engaged our services to create the medical brochure design shown. The brochure describes the corporate structure and covers their diagnostic, equipment, nuclear medicine and other health care businesses.

Infant medical products catalog design

Innovative Solutions for New Beginnings: A Catalog Design Tailored to NICU, PICU, and Well-Babies

The catalog sample shown was designed using Philips’ brand standards. Our graphic designers can follow your brand guidelines or create a unique new design for your catalogs.

Pocket Folder Design for Home Healthcare

Home Healthcare Information, Neatly Organized: Elevating Your Brand with Pocket Folder Design

We create posters, billboards and pocket folders for healthcare businesses. Shown is an example of a Pocket Folder we created for a home healthcare agency. We also created a matching website.

Children's hospice trifold brochure design sample

Brightening Little Lives: Navigating Hope and Support in Brochure Form

Specialized Design for a Pediatric Hospice Brochure
We created this brochure to blend the seriousness of the subject with the desire to allow children to be children. The brochure’s message to parents is nurturing and caring while giving opportunity for happiness.

Dental Brochure Design Example

A Healthy Smile Starts Here: Informative and Engaging Dental Brochure Design

“Making Smiles for a Lifetime” Brochure
​A very happy and fun looking brochure design was used for a dentist’s office.​

Pediatric home health care brochure graphic design

Caring for Little Angels: A Compassionate Brochure Design for Pediatric Home Health Services

We designed the pediatrics brochure above to attract families who need nursing services for their children.

Your Journey Begins Here: Recruiting Healthcare Professionals through Brochure Design

This retro-look brochure design was created for a Human Resources Department in a medical firm. The brochure included cash incentives for employees to help recruit qualified candidates.