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Pioneers in Pallets: Web Design for a 7,000-pallet-per-day Manufacturer

An amazing facility producing thousands of pallets every day, The Pallet Shop hired us to create their very first website. The home page on the site has navigation that auto-scrolls to the appropriate section of the page so visitors don’t feel like they’re clicking, clicking, clicking to get the info they want.

Drone views of the facilty and cut-away images of logs are highlights of the images we used to demonstrate the scope of the operations.

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Forged in Strength, Crafted for Durability: Heavy-Industry Manufacturer Web Design & Development

Laurel Custom Grating engaged us to write and design their new website. The site includes unique drop-down menus for easy access to company contacts and downloadable heavy-duty steel products catalogs. Our design elements mirror the robustness of our client’s steel grates, while our programming ensures an intuitive and user-friendly experience.

The intro slider has animated text and images to create interest.

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Home Builder Website Home page
Home Builder Website Interior page

Building the Future of Homes: Home Builder Website Design 

Pitell Homes engaged our services to design and program their all-new website. Special functionalities include searchable floor plans, communities and available lots. We’ve communicated our client’s mission of a highly personalized, exciting build process that web visitors can easily recognize. 

Galleries of images include dozens of photos for each floor plan, interior and exterior shots.

All components can be updated by the client, including pricing, lot sizes, locations, floor plans and more

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Civil projects web design home page example
Civil projects web home page design example

Building Bridges, Paving Progress: Explore Our Highway and Road Builders Website

Step into the world of infrastructure development as you navigate our meticulously designed and expertly programmed website. This mobile-ready website has an incredible mapping feature. For novice users, we programmed WordPress so that a user can add locations to a Google map, include text details about the road project, and an image of the construction site. Visitors to the site can simply click on the map to see the details. Over 150 projects are mapped and described on the site.

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Building Materilas web page design and programming
Appliance seller's web page design and programming

Your Partner in Commercial Construction: Contractor’s Web Design Sample

Witness the harmony of design and technology, where our design elements reflect the high quality products offered by our client. Our programming ensures an effortless and efficient user experience – the site was developed so that it can be updated by novice users. The web pages show products organized by category so web visitors can easily understand how the site is organized.

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Home web page design for an industrial business
Web home page design for industrial business

Creating Safe and Efficient Spaces: On the Web and In your Facility 

Enter a realm of environmental responsibility and safety excellence as you peruse our client’s website. Our design elements mirror the importance of clean and secure spaces, while our programming ensures an intuitive and user-friendly experience. A content management WordPress site, Abmech Inc’s website development includes customer surveys and a comprehensive range of services – from insulation solutions to hazardous materials removal. Direct Axis designed the corporate logo as well as the site.

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