Industrial Catalog Design

Clean. Organized. Professional.

  • We design for engineers and industrial clients.

  • We understand the need for easy-to-read specifications and volumes of data.

  • We combine charts, graphs, specs and photos to create industrial catalog pages that engage the minds of people who make things tick.

  • We work with engineers and industrial marketers to develop brochures that demonstrate complex processes and describe products that only an engineer could love… and we love it too.

Throw a formula at us – give us CAD drawings – show us a murky photo, we’ll turn it all into an organized catalog or brochure that speaks your language.

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Warwood Tool Industrial Catalog Design

Tools of the Trade: Crafting a World-Class Industrial Catalog

All American-made tools with American-made steel are featured in this catalog we designed and printed

The catalog was created with large product images and easy-to-read charts to help readers find what they want quickly.
See the entire catalog, click here to go to the Warwood Tool website (which we also designed).

Industrial multi-page catalog design with charts, graphs and line art

Charting Excellence: A Comprehensive 100+ Page Catalog Packed with Technical Line Art and Data

Technical Products Catalog Design – Loaded with Graphs and Charts
The industrial catalog design shown contains over 100 pages of technical line art, detailed charts and graphs, plus tons of technical data for engineers. The design and pagination was developed for easy reference and the content is given enough air to increase readability.

Industrial brochure design showing fire-suppression systems for large oil and gas storage tanks

Unleashing Energy: The Power of a Thoughtfully Crafted Trifold Brochure for the Oil & Gas Industry

Safety Brochure Design
The 6-panel trifold brochure shown is loaded with exploded-view line art. Descriptive illustrations demonstrate how the product works.

Industrial Controls Manufacturer 8-Panel Brochure Design

From Small Components to Big Solutions: Discover the Power of Our Oversized Catalog Designs

Control Panel Design and Manufacturing
Shown is an oversized, 8-panel brochure which was designed on a scale to impress. The large centerfold has a continuous image of a control panel manufacturing facility combined with many smaller close-up images of control panels.

Industrial water treatment brochure design example

A Spectrum of Solutions: Communicating Water Treatment Processes in a Colorful Brochure

Veolia Water Systems
Monochromatic images create a background for informative charts and line art in this industrial water facilities brochure.

Water treatment facilty line art drawing

Simplifying Complex Processes: Rendering Industrial Facilities with Clean, Accurate Line Art

Complex Manufacturing Process Illustration
We created this clean and simplified illustration of a large commercial facility before it was built. The illustration was created using architectural and CAD drawings.

Graphic design for steel manufacturer's catalog of product specifications

Steel, Style, and Substance: The Artistry of a Well-Designed Product Catalog

Mix Printed Catalogs and E-catalogs for Digital Distribution
All of our industrial catalog designs can be printed traditionally and/or used as pdfs and online flip-books. The pdfs and online flip books can be updated easily and at low cost. Pdfs also have hyperlinked Table of Contents, so users can easily get to the pages they want.

The printed catalogs are used as reference and salesman hand-outs.