Web Design & Development Process

Direct Axis creates websites that work for your business, large or small. We’re committed to a web design & development process that results in attracting attention, providing easy navigation, and which compels your visitors to take action.

In simple form, here’s the web design process we use to develop your website:

1. We review expectations

Perhaps you’ll want a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to make your own updates to the site once it’s complete, or you may decide you don’t have the staff to update yourself. We’ll discuss the functions you want – inclusions such as search, newsrooms, video players, chat, surveys, and feedback forms.

2. We’ll give you a written quote…

That covers all of your web components. Our quotes are provided to you in a menu style. Everything we do will be listed in separate categories with the related pricing. Basic sections of your website design might include planning, home page design, writing, photography, programming, interior web page design, and hosting among others.

3. We’ll create a schedule

For public release of your site – and we’ll stick to the deadline!

4. We’ll provide a list all of the tasks that need attention

From you and from us.

5. We’ll interview all stakeholders

Communications people, marketers, public relations, sales force, owners – anyone who has a part in making your website work. We work together to outline the needs of the website.

6. We’ll create a schematic drawing

So you can visualize how your we site pages will link to each other and to show how a navigation system will be used to make it easy for visitors to find the information they want on your web pages.

Just so you know…

At all times during planning, web page design, or programming, we will provide links to the work we’re doing so you can review and make comments, adjustments and/or corrections. You will have continuous communication with us to insure that your website is being created as you wish, in a timely manner.

7. We’ll design your home page

With all of the above information in mind. We excel at high-quality design work. Through our quality designers, your site will embody the feeling you want, whether that’s corporate, fun, lively, or serious, we create the feeling of comfort your visitors expect.

8. We’ll design interior pages

and add content as needed.

9. We’ll program your website with “open-source” coding.

In simple terms, open source means that the coding styles we use are available to any web developer. Open source coding allows your site to have mobility – you can have any web designer work on the site. We do not use proprietary software.

10. We’ll use known “on-page” SEO techniques to help Google, Yahoo and MSN to find and list your site

On-page SEO includes things like proper page titles, metas, internal linking, and ALT tags.

11. We’ll test, test, and test your site functionality

before it’s released to the public.

12. We’ll troubleshoot any problems that arise and fix them.

We look forward to being your website designers, call 1.800.849.3056 today to talk over your ideas. Or email us at info@direct-axis.net. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.