COVID-19 Direct Mail Examples

What Are Nonprofits Doing ABOUT COVID-19 Fundraising?
Below are 3 beautiful and thoughtful examples of COVID-19 direct mail fundraising campaigns. We designed, printed and mailed all 3 within very short time frames:

  • Hospital Fundraising
  • Worldwide Disaster Relief
  • Medically-fragile Kids Campaign

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COVID-19 Direct Mail Fundraiser for a Hospital in Haiti

Full Color Letter Package
Hôpital Albert Schweitzer HAITI, engaged us to quickly create a direct mail fundraising package. Highly impactful graphics make this letter package stand out in the mail.

COVID-19 Donor Campaign

Donations that Help People From the USA to Italy, Indonesia to Bolivia, and more. 
Get your message out quickly and put it directly in the hands of your donors. Mail has more impact than email blasts.

Fundraising for Medically-Fragile Kids During COVID-19

2-Color Letter Package
The example shown was designed, printed and mailed within 2-1/2 weeks. The package included a 2-color outer envelope, a personalized letter with donor gift strings and a return envelope. We love the purple glasses!

  • We brainstorm your options and create concepts to fit your needs.
  • We develop budgets based on quantities, lists and known response rates.
  • We develop warm and fuzzy graphics that prospective donors respond to – they can’t resist.
  • We organize your lists and donor attributes into categories that make sense and which are geared to increase response.
  • We work as an agency to find the best printer and lettershop to handle your job.
  • We create efficient campaigns that save valuable assets.